In 1996 I was looking for a company to make repairs to our trailers. Our contact at Xtra Lease recommended Rodi’s Garage. While working on the estimates Rodi found things no one else found wrong and still came in with a lower estimate. When the trailers were returned they looked like new and had been repaired to OEM specs without short cuts. Over the years we have turned to Rodi’s Garage for all of our repairs. I know when I call, fax or email a list of what I need done and when it needs to be competed it will be done on time and I don’t need to check it out to see if it was done right. I have never sent a trailer back to have anything redone — it has always been done right the first time. Due to the high quality of work we receive, whenever possible, I will have a trailer moved to Harrisburg from anywhere to have Rodi do the repairs. We have custom equipment on our trailers and Rodi has redesigned and improved it to the point that we rarely have problems with it. All of the personnel I have dealt with have been helpful and professional with both me and our drivers. I have recommended Rodi’s to all of the companies we deal with for any of their trailer repair needs and have never had any of them complain about a job that was done.

— Charles Laudenslager II, Maintenance Manager Clark Transfer Inc.

Our company has been doing business with Rodi’s Garage for over 18 years. We have been greatly satisfied with the service. They inspect and service our trailers. They also do pm’s (preventive maintenance) on our trailers at our location once a week. We have also had occasion when they needed to come to one of the locations where our trailers have been dropped to repair something. Everyone who answers the phone is always courteous and helpful. I would highly recommend Rodi’s Garage.

— Ron Kowaleski, President Ram Corporation

I’ve been dealing with Rodi’s since he began his business. Rodi’s has excellent service. If you want the job done right the first time around, Rodi’s is the company for you.

— Richard Weaver, President Nelson Weaver & Son Inc.

I contacted Rodi’s and connected with Brandon Rogers, who came to my boat trailer in Wrightsville, PA to design and fabricate a 6 ft.extension to the tongue He cleverly used the original coupler, and then inserting 2 in. by 3in. piece inside the original tongue. He then precisely positioned two removable bolts (with cotter pins) through the sides of the old tongue and its new insert so that when the insert was extended I had my extra 4 ft of new tongue, but then pushing the extension fully in the original tongue length was there. Longer tongue length is for putting the boat into the water on a ramp; original tongue length is for hauling the boat and placing it into a restricted size garage.
Awesome design, awesome fabrication on site, quality work throughout…highly recommended…and he is a great guy as well.
Thanks for a great job and well valued and reasonable price.

— E.Y. Murphey